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Firm Profile

Firm Profile

Firm Profile

Bechar – Law Offices is one of Israel’s leading law offices in the field of tort law, tort cases and tort lawsuits. The office started it activity back in 1961 and since then, it had succeeded in winning thousands of cases for its clients.

In the many years since its establishment, the office's thousands of clients received substantial sums of compensation money, after suffering body injuries from all different kinds of accidents, medical malpractice and various civil negligence damages.
The office is responsible for a large number of legal precedents inter alia regarding car accidents, accidents at work, medical malpractice, compensation claims from the Israel National Insurance Institute, and the from the Israel Ministry of Defence.

In its years of activity, the office was involved in many high profile tort cases, which influenced the evolution and development of Israeli law of torts. In addition to his work in the office, Mr. Albert Bechar, the founder of the firm, served for many years as a judge in the tribunal of the Israel Bar, and was an active member in a number of the Israeli Bar committees such as the Israel Tort Law Committee.


Working with Specialists

Bechar Law Offices works with the leading medical doctors in Israel. These doctors and other medical experts give our clients the legal medical opinions needed in order to file their claim for compensation. Moreover, the office works with other specialists such as safety specialists, private investigators, financial advisors, etc., who give their professional opinions as well, when needed in order to prove the client's case.


First Consulation is Free

In order to give the best service to our clients, the initial consultation with the offices' lawyers, for the assessment of the case -- is given free. In most of the cases, the office charges its fees as a certain percentage of the compensation money paid to the client. This “No-Win No-Fee” principle allows our clients to concentrate on the important medical care needed for them, due to their injury. It also makes it much easier for the clients to manage their legal case. Contact our offices to schedule your first meeting.

Ensuring the Compensation You Deserve

Most importantly, it is the office's main goal to put the clients’ interest in the highest priority. Therefore, if you were injured due to an automobile accident, accident at your workplace (work-related accidents, or labour accidents), medical malpractice (doctor professional negligence), military accidents, terror attack and more -- Bechar Law Offices will be assist you carefully and proffessionaly. We will do our best to ensure that you will receive the full sum of compensation money you deserve by Israeli tort law.


Wills & Inheritances

For the completion of the legal services given by the office, we also handle all the legal matters regarding the making of wills & inheritances. We represent our clients in any court action regarding this legal field.


Real Estate Contracts

Our law office is also handling legal representation in the buying and selling of real estate properties: contracts and deals regarding apartments, houses, lands, factories, stores and more. We accompany the client from the first stage to the last. We take care of our clients right from the early negotiations between the buyer and/or seller, contract modifications & reviews, all the way through to the final completion of the buying/selling deal: legal assistance is provided for the entire process.


Contact Us

Bechar Law Offices are located on the 9th floor of the 2nd “Teomim” Tower. Our address: 35 Jabotinski Street, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

For more information, please call Bechar Law Office:

Tel: +972-3-6122202

Fax: +972-3-6122280







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